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Matters needing attention in using sucker electromagnet

2020-08-26 15:35:31    Author:本站

Electromagnet is a device that generates electromagnetism by electrifying. A conductive winding matched with its power is wound around the iron core. The coil with current is as magnetic as a magnet. It is also called electromagnet. We usually make it into strip or hoof shape to make the iron core easier to magnetize. In addition, in order to make the electromagnet demagnetized immediately, we often use soft iron or silicon steel material with fast demagnetization. Such an electromagnet has magnetism when it is electrified, and then disappears when it is cut off. Electromagnet has been widely used in our daily life. Because of its invention, the power of generator has been greatly improved.

Next, our company will tell you about the sucker electromagnet

The suction cup electromagnet can produce strong adsorption force when it is electrified. It can stop or move the adsorbed object when it is installed in the automatic equipment. It is widely used in automatic distribution production line, sorting machine, manipulator, test equipment, medical equipment, grinding, cutting and other automatic processing production line material or product transportation, transmission, control, energy-saving, safe and reliable, and remote operation.  

Precautions for using sucker electromagnet:

1. The surface of the adsorbed object should be as flat as possible.  

2. The area of the adsorbed object should not be smaller than that of the electromagnet.

3. The adsorbed objects must be magnetic conductive materials, such as electrical pure iron, low carbon steel, silicon steel sheet, etc.

4. The adsorbed object must have enough thickness (more than 5mm), and generally it should not be lower than the wall thickness of electromagnet.

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