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Electromagnetic sucker is a kind of machine tool accessory product which is produced by electrifying the inner coil to produce magnetic force, passing through the magnetic conducting panel, and then the workpiece contacting the surface of the panel is tightly absorbed. The demagnetization is realized by the coil power off and the magnetic force disappears, and the workpiece is removed.

The main applications are as follows:

Next, DC electromagnet manufacturers to tell for the majority of users - electromagnetic chuck without magnetic exclusion method: electromagnet

Press the grinding wheel motor button to start the electromagnetic sucker switch, the workpiece can not be pulled in, because of the contact interlock of the relay, the grinding wheel motor can not be started at the same time.

Open the power distribution box of the machine tool, check the power at both ends of the fuse with a test pen, and then measure the power supply voltage of 380V with a multimeter at 500V. Disconnect the main power switch, check whether the AC contactor is mechanically stuck, remove one coil wire of the contactor, and measure the resistance at both ends of the coil with the resistance block of the multimeter. The indication of the needle is normal, which proves that the coil is in good condition.

Connect the coil wire, remove the undervoltage relay shell, measure the resistance at both ends of the coil, and the indicator needle still indicates that the undervoltage relay coil is not open circuit, and then check whether the relay is mechanically stuck. Then close the upper power switch, use the AC Gear of the multimeter to measure the voltage at the secondary side of the transformer to 135 V, and change the DC gear to measure the voltage at both ends of the rectifier diode. Under normal conditions, the DC voltage output from the bridge rectifier should be 110V, and there is no voltage output at this time. Disconnect the main power switch and measure the four rectifier diodes with the resistance block of the multimeter. It is found that two of them have problems. Weld the lead connecting the diode, remove the diode, and measure again to prove that the tube has been broken down. Replace two new secondary pipes, connect the wires and check whether the welding is firm.

Turn on the main power switch and measure the two ends of rectifier diode with Multimeter dc gear. There is voltage indication, and the voltage value is 110V. The operator presses the grinding wheel motor button and starts the electromagnetic chuck switch. The workpiece can be closed and the fault has been eliminated.

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