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Function and setting key explanation of electronic dobby controller

2020-08-26 15:33:04    Author:本站

Electronic dobby is a new type of electronic pattern control device. It is not only an indispensable control part of modern loom, but also an effective means of technical transformation of traditional loom. The electronic dobby is controlled by a microcomputer controller. According to the pattern data in its memory, the control word is output in time, orientation and order. The movement of the dobby is driven by the mechanical and electrical magnet of the dobby, and the pattern control of the fabric is realized. In order to develop a new product on the loom controlled by an electronic dobby, it is only necessary to input the pattern data of the product through the keyboard.

The electronic dobby controller has four functions:

① Control function

This is the basic function of the controller. According to the pattern data information in the memory, it outputs the control data continuously and regularly to control the action of the dobby, so as to realize the control of the fabric pattern.

② Programming function

This is a new product development requirements for the controller, it is of great significance to improve the enterprise's ability to develop new varieties. This function can input, edit and modify the pattern data and send it into the memory.

③ Single step debugging

Use this function when debugging equipment and pattern.

④ Pattern transmission function

Although the controller itself has programming function, considering the production site noise, complex environment and low programming efficiency, the system is equipped with a general programmer for the controller, which can be programmed separately, and then copied to the controller through the pattern transmission function.

The setting keys of electronic dobby are as follows:

Start key: in the waiting state of each function, it is used to command the system from waiting state to execution state.

Stop key: in any state, it can be used to end the current state and return to the initial state of power on.

Function switching: it is used to switch between functions to select functions.

Pattern switching: select the current operation pattern.

Display length: display the current pattern length.

Display switch: switch the display of weft / pattern number.

Next step: save the current latitude data and display the next latitude data / output one latitude data in one step.

Previous step: display and modify the previous latitude data.

Delete: delete the current latitude data / delete the defined block data.

Insert: insert a latitude data at the current latitude / insert a defined data block at the current latitude.

Block definition: defines the data block.

Numeric key: oh-ofh16 keys are used for hexadecimal number input.

Pause key: for temporary parking.

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